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Live @ 3FM radio

After his liveset at SLAM! Radio, Daniël Thomasso was invited by another big radio station in Holland called “3FM Radio”. This time an interview, a liveset and a game was included. The game was a loudness contest. How much decibels could Daniël make on the radio? The rules were simple, there were none and it could also be outside the studio! For this game Daniël was creative enough to invite some friends over who had a car with 27 different horns installed to the battery. This noise made a sound of 132dB and therefore Daniël finished at the second place in the rankings. For this video go to Daniël Thomasso’s Facebook page. Congratulations to Tahko who finished first! And thank you friends of Utopia Cascade for making this happen.

During his time in the studio the radio-host was asking about his experiences in India and of course about Daniël’s new music that is coming our way. During his liveset he played a new original. Can you guess which track it is? Enjoy the video.